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By definition guerrilla advertising is an unconventional marketing strategy that catches the consumer by surprise and makes a high energy, memorable impression compared to traditional media. This style of marketing is usually intended to reach a large audience on a low budget. People tend to remember things that catch their attention and separate from the everyday clutter.

Here are some guerrilla marketing campaigns that definitely stood out from the traditional everyday print ad or radio spot.



The bigger the shock value the most successful your guerrilla marking campaign will be and this HBO Sopranos tactic definitely has some serious shock value. This campaign plays into the theme of the show, crime. Having an arms dangling out of the back of multiple cabs all around a city caused people to take a second look and start the conversation.



A local farmers market was looking to make a statement during the winter months when business was slower. A guerrilla marketing campaign was hatched with the idea to hang a dozen juicy red apples off of tree branches that had gone bare. Each apple was marked with a sticker advertising the farmers market and its fresh-never-frozen produce. The free incentive not only brought color to tree lined streets it also gave this market’s advertising a “fresh” new look.



The World Wildlife Foundation needed to make a statement in order to raise awareness about the diminishing panda population in the world. At the time there were only 1,600 pandas left, so WWF made 1,600 paper-mache pandas and placed them throughout Paris. This was a more emotional campaign that let people see for themselves how small the current panda population had diminished. The WWF raised concern for the possibility that pandas could potentially become extinct with this visual guerrilla marketing campaign.


Any active social media user know all about memes. These hilarious images and funny catchphrases are shared and reposted on almost every platform. A meme can go viral in minutes if it speaks enough to a human truth or if it’s just too funny not to share. But why are memes so popular? What makes people want to spread these images across the Internet at rapid speed?

  1. They make people laugh
  2. They relate to real-life situations
  3. They are a quick read and an short escape from daily work
  4. There is a meme out there for any type of person
  5. They are plain, simple yet brilliant

Here are some memes that might make you laugh quietly to yourself so the person next to you doesn’t question your sanity.


With the end of this week marking the half way point of my internship at Brokaw, I see it only fitting to share 5 short stories about some of the experiences I’ve had over the last 5 weeks.

1. Brokaw Bag Prez

Corrine and I had the opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves to the entire agency on our second week here. We shared the blah blah about us and some things that make us pretty cool.

Capture 4

2. Sharing is Caring

I was lucky enough to start my internship right around the time our creative team was briefed on a margarita brand. Being able to sit in on the initial briefing was such a learning experience and it only got better as work progressed. Creative then came back with 4 strong ideas that were pitched to the client. A few days later I got to sit in on the client’s feedback. Having the opportunity to observe the process has been so interesting and I’m learning so much just by experiencing these day-to-day meetings.

3. Interviews at the Brush

I had the opportunity to sit in on 2 brand explorations with employees at a paint brush and roller company in order to learn more about its brand personality, positioning and promise. I got to observe how to conduct a workshop and learned how to make it fun in order to understand who the core of the brand may [or may not] be.

Capture 2

4. The lunch time report

Last Thursday the whole office was given a free pass to take a long lunch at Barley House on w.6th to watch the USA vs. Germany game. Although USA couldn’t pull off the W it was still awesome getting to take a short break from my desk, hang out with coworkers, and enjoy some tasty appetizers. Thanks Brokaw Bros!


5. The dream team!

Corrine and I were assigned a project by Joe and Jackie last week to do a competitor analysis for a client. We got to drive all around Cleveland stopping at various restaurants, scoping out the competition. It was pretty fun getting to get out of the office and be a spy for two days!

As a young professional there are certain things one must do before entering the work force. For instance cleaning up your social media is a must, along with revamping and tailoring your resume for the job you wish to attain. Besides cleaning and revamping, a “must do” is getting a LinkedIn profile. Now I’m not just pulling these “must dos” out of thin air, this is what I have been told countless times over and over again by professors and professionals currently working in the field.


Being a young professional myself, I followed these “must dos.” I updated my social media, tailored my resume and registered for a LinkedIn profile. Now it was time to start connecting. As I played around with the social media site I began questioning how important having an active LinkedIn profile really was to employers. Thus began my research into finding out the truth about this so-called “Professional Facebook” and if it was actually beneficial to have one.


After some Googling and Flipboarding (Flipboard is one of my favorite magazine apps) I have come to the conclusion that having a LinkedIn profile can be useful. Here are some of the reasons why …

1. People will Google you, so be prepared. Your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things that will come up when a potential employer Googles your name. Trust me, you’d much rather have your LinkedIn profile pop up first instead of an article about how you won honorable mention in the eighth grade science fair at Cleveland State in 2006.

2. A LinkedIn profile is the perfect opportunity for you to control all the content about, well you. Put your best stuff out there. If you think it is valuable to let other professionals know that you won a hot dog eating contest 10 years ago, they heck put it on your LinkedIn profile. Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn gives you full control over the content that is posted on your profile, so take advantage of it!

3. “If you can’t advertise yourself, what hope do you have advertising anything else” – David Ogilvy.
Professionals are able to brand themselves with a LinkedIn profile. You have the power to show employers what separates you from competitors, your benefits and features, as well as your personality, position and promise.

4. People don’t know what they don’t know. If you aren’t on LinkedIn people could be missing out on you because they didn’t know you were out there. A LinkedIn profile gives professionals the positioning to be seen and heard by future employers, just by having an active, up-to-date profile.

5. It is just as important to have a LinkedIn profile even after you have been considered for the job. Once a resume has been submitted, most companies do some digging and snooping around online. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, it can be a red flag for employers. They might question your relevance or your ability to keep up with current trends. Don’t give employers any reason to question if you are right for the job, tell them why you’re perfect with your LinkedIn profile.


As a kid everyone always asks you, “So what do you wanna be when you grow up?” And unless you were one of those born prodigies who knew that because you liked to stack blocks you must be an architect one day, you probably answered with the typical “I don’t know” response. And for awhile that answer was acceptable because this so called “real world” seemed like a million years away. Growing up my response was the typical “I don’t know,” then senior year of high school was coming to an end and it was crunch time to decide on the profession I was going to take on for the rest of my life (wow what a big decision to put on the shoulders of an overly confident, extremely dramatic teenager). While looking through the majors available to me at Kent State University, I stumbled upon Advertising. I read some of the courses I would be required to take, decided it seemed like a good fit and submitted my application the next day. Luckily I fell in love with the business and I finally have an answer to the question we have all heard a million times, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?”

So since I’d taken the majority of my classes (with only having my senior year of college left) I decided I should get a taste of this “real world” I have heard so much about. I applied to many different agency and was lucky enough to get a call back from the world’s best advertising agency (according to our moms). I am officially a Brotern at Brokaw Inc. and I am so excited to learn and absorb all that I can in the next 10 weeks. Although I haven’t gotten to meet everyone yet, with it only being my first week and all, I can tell that this is an insanely talented group of people who like to have fun. Aside from having to wake up before the sun, this is going to be a browesome summer… stay tuned!