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Farewell my loyal viewers….you all (2 viewers) have treated me well!

Last week at Brokaw ūüė¶

It is very disheartening to believe that 10 weeks can go this fast. Our (the best interns in the world) first day at Brokaw, a syllabus was put on our desks and the lists of responsibilities seemed to be vast. On top of that our mentors were piling work on us daily! New tasks and responsibilities was the driving force for our work. Now that everything is over we wish we had a little bit more to do and a little bit more time.

This week has been kind of slow but it started to speed up once we realized it was really ending! We have arrived at the end of the Fazoli’s food truck tour and it was a great success! We have participated in feeding people around the nation and providing support to Feed The Children. You can never beat a great idea that’s coupled with a great cause.

I am really happy that I did not publish this before the end of the day because THIS LAST DAY TURNED OUT TO BE THE BEST!

Why do you ask….even if you did not ask, I will tell you anyway!

The Brokaw Bros. offered me a job and they want me to think about it over the weekend…(don’t tell anyone but I am going to say yes)….I thought this moment over a few times in my head already…lol.

There is some type of cubical or desk with my name on it and I am stoked to be a part of a great and creative team. You haven’t heard the last of me yet!

Keep it sexy and saucy…lol!

When I first started ‚ÄúThe coolest internship EVER‚ÄĚ a.k.a my internship at Brokaw, I thought that 10 weeks would be enough to time to come in a get the experience that I was looking for. Although the experience was great, I am bummed out that it is coming to an end. It is cool to hear that our experience as interns trumps all other intern experiences. I feel that Brokaw has provided me¬†with a set of skills that I can take to any agency and have an edge on people that are starting in advertising.

Enough of the mushy stuff!

This week we finished the Bob Evans Street teaming and it was a great end. A manager told us that after moms heard about the great deal, they were coming in four times a week for free food. I REPEAT: 4 TIMES A WEEK!!!!Good to know we impacted the city in such a great way. Of course, Fazoli‚Äôs calls are never done because Feed the Children wants to get into a lot of the major cities across the nation. Spreading a message about stopping children hunger and providing people with a breadstick was a genius idea. It is that type of¬†‚Äústreative‚ÄĚ advertising that sets¬†Brokaw apart from other agencies.

This week has been one of the longest weeks EVER…luckily in my case, that’s a good thing!¬†Business has been booming for Brokaw so this internship has given me a plethora of experiences. This was the first week that I went out as a member of Bob Evans street team. I have come to find out that people LOVE BOB EVANS! The smiles on their faces when we approach them are absolutely amazing. Responses like:




makes my job that much easier. We have had a few sourpusses walk pass and ignore our very existence but for the most part people were very receptive. If it was not going well I was prepared to go into the battle field with full armor.

For the sake of dehydrating, I am glad I did not have to put on a furry custom!

Outside of Bob Evans, I have made more Fazoli’s calls for the food truck/breadstick tour! If you know anyone in Lincoln or Omaha tell them to go get¬†themselves a fresh breadstick!

PS: The interns are doing some great work and a little bit of new business came as a result of some of our hard work. That is a cool thing to be apart of and a good portfolio booster!

Oh yea….We have more interviews to do on Brokaw employees, so get ready to hear about some of the answers we get!

Furry belly. Chin strap. Floppy ears. Sweating profusely. What am I talking about you ask??? The ‚ÄúBiscuit‚ÄĚ dog suit (One of Bob Evans mascots)¬†that I wore¬†when I helped with a promo for Bob Evans. On Thursday morning I rose before the sun peered through my bedside window;¬†I felt like I could take on the world. I hopped out of bed even happier because I knew that I could go to work in my pajamas and not get the side eye¬†from the Brokaw Bros when they passed my desk. I jumped in my car and drove 86 mph on the freeway until I reached Fox 8. The work began! We passed out bread and coffee for 5¬†STRAIGHT HOURS¬†(this is a great place for a war cry). We gave¬†away¬†free breakfast and made people happy‚Ķthat‚Äôs the life in¬†an ad agency!

Monday I had a meeting with a few Bob Evans managers, where they stuffed me with hotcakes for breakfast, lunch and an evening snack. BEST DAY EVER! I don’t know about you but I felt like this! Without complaint, my week finished up with Fazoli’s calls and the planning of a three-week long street team event. Someone told me that you work to have fun in advertising; this week has proven that statement to be true. I am having a blast at Brokaw.

Question of the week: Who would play you in a movie?:

I picked Lance Gross. I think he is a cool guy, that can play funny and serious roles when needed.

Business proffesional¬†would come speak to my Level 400 Persuasive Campaigns class and tell you that we were not ready for the life in an Ad Agency and that school did not prepare us to deal with the “real worl”. They said that it was a lot of hard work and if you did not have the ability to multitask and get things done then you would sink!

My Week:

  • Make Fazoli‚Äôs Food Truck Tour calls to St. Louis and its surrounding suburbs
  • Find Daycares that surrounded the Bob Evans in Northeast Ohio
  • Finding a trendy topic (no twitter) for the office to know and learn more about
  • Street teaming and giving away candy to young men 15yr-21yr
  • Setting up an internet based survey that would go out to hundreds of moms all across the nation
  • Tallying up those results from the young men and mom survey
  • I can go on but I choose not too‚Ķ

All I was trying to say is that the Brokaw interns are doing a lot and beating the odds that were stacked against us!

Just want to give a shout out to my interning buddies because I feel like we are kicking behind!

More fun to come next…wait until you hear what I have in store!

This is not like school! When¬†there was ¬†3 day week in school kids were exstaic because it meant 2 days without work! Those days made me feel good…real good! Now I am covinced that the world is corrupt. Why you ask?? Here is the equation for this week:

d=days at work

Typically: 2d+3d=5d                  This Week 2d+3d= 3d                  Which means: 5d=3d

Understand?! These “real world” people actually do more work when they have days off! I know right…

No seriously,¬†this week was filled with a lot of great experiences! I got the chance to talk to a lot of people in different cities concerning the Fazoli’s food truck tour and people had open arms for the warm breadsticks. I have a few new projects to look forward to which is going around in¬†my PJ’s telling¬†people to eat pancakes at night and giving little kids candy¬†and asking which flavor they like most! The Brokaw journey is moving fast but I¬†must say that this is¬†THE BEST JOBS EVER!

Signing Out!


CALLS! Please let me elaborate! I have been on a mission this entire week finding places in Lexington, Indianapolis, Greenwood, Evansville, Dayton, etc. for a truck with FRESH and FREE Fazoli’s breadsticks to stop for a giveaway! You will not guess how hard it is giving away free food to hungry people. I am going to give you great viewers a couple of examples of some responses I received and the answers I wish I would have given.

Caller 1: I have to call corporate to check to¬†see if this ‚Äúsort of work‚ÄĚ is admissible!

Me: Sort of work!? Admissible!? Sir, are you watching Judge Judy on your break? I don’t care for your answer…Hang up the phone NOW!!!

Caller 2: Are you selling the breadsticks or anything else?

Me: No, everything is free!

Caller 2: Let me go check with my boss…No sir, you cannot SELL your FREE breadsticks here. Alright, Good day!

Me: HUH?? (Did he just hang up on me?)

I faced a few long days but there have been some great successes for the Fazoli’s Food Truck tour! 12 more cities and 6 more weeks! Bring em’ on!

PS: I have officially adopted one of Fazoli’s slogans:

Due to my tasks this week, this is my theme song!

For a second I thought that being an intern at Brokaw was all about going on weekday excursions and eating great food; now, I have seen the other side. I enjoyed week three because it was the ‚Äúequalizer‚ÄĚ. I would tell people about my daily experience at Brokaw and they thought I lived in a movie world. ‚ÄúHey babe, hold on for a second‚Ķ‚ĶOMG that was my job they just told me I am booked to go to St. Louis‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúWork was good mom; I was at the airport all day on a photo shoot‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúNo thank you, I ate already. Every employee at my job went to Happy Dog, it is a place where you can put an entire grocery store on your hotdog!‚ÄĚ. Week three I have sat at my desk doing research about flyer visibility around downtown Cleveland and sifted through mounds of newspaper to make sure this great place stays on top of the competition. Not to mention the countless conference calls with companies who don‚Äôt want our experts to show their expertise! (if it counts for anything, I thought that idea/concept was the bomb) I have truly embraced my bright lime green quarter of a table! I understand from this week that the fun comes after the hard work is done! Business Traveler Appreciation Day here we come! Shout out to Megan and everyone else who made Business Traveler Appreciation Day possible.

My spirit animal is a wolverine! It is said that the wolverine is a powerful animal that resembles a small bear but is actually the largest member of the weasel family (womp womp). Males scent-mark their territories, but they share them with several females and are believed to be polygamous (It is just a fact about wolverines not me…lol). Wolverines sport heavy, attractive fur that once made them a prime trapper’s target in North America. Here is a picture of my great spirit animal.


Me: (Deant’e Lavender)

  • A recent graduate from Baldwin-Wallace College which is now Baldwin Wallace University (they lost the hyphen, added University and charged the same $36,000 a year.)
  • Major: English Minor: Public Relations
  • I watch approximately 5 movies a week (In the movie watching world, I must say that “I am kind of a big deal”)

While having the usual¬†senior year¬†anxiety (better known as “Oh God I know I could have done better but can you please get a brotha’ a job) about the “real world”, I¬†began¬†my application process!¬†Without major delay¬†I started to hear back from jobs but my success rate was pretty low. After the legit search for employment, I started contacting every person who sold me empty promises concerning job placement after college. I was scared to death of being a vagabond! Long story short, I was turned away from a few jobs because of experience (or lack there of) but at the last disappointing job interview someone told me that I would best fit a cool place called Brokaw. So, here I am ;-)!

My favorite chore/experience ranges between a photo shoot at the airport and a trip¬†over the weekend¬†to St. Louis on a Fazoli’s mission. Hmm??? Airport vs St. Louis;this¬†seems like an easy choice but I have to explain:

We got a few shots of a guy with an amazing story:

  • Cancer Survivor
  • Motivational speaker
  • International Traveler
  • Author of multiple books
  • …did I forget to¬†mention that he survived CANCER!

His hobbies included:

  • Watching dogs being blown to pieces
  • Telling TSA and airport police to “F*** off” which results in…
  • Getting kicked out of airports
  • Leaving time sensitive photo shoot to buy mini speakers for his computer

Ok, you’re right…St. Louis will be¬†better!

Just in case we have not been formally introduced or you have forgotten who I am, this is me!