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Time flies when you’re having fun!

Brokaw proved this to be true this summer with trips to the zoo, Kansas City, and the airport; we even pulled a plane, took a half day to root for the Indians, and traveled across Northeast Ohio to talk about pancakes!

It has been an absolute privilege to have such a hands-on experience this summer working with Brokaw’s truly extraordinary group of people.

Thank you, Brokaw, for the experience of a lifetime!!

The ultimate Dream Team, thanks to Brokaw!

Happy Root Beer Float Day!

Where else can you attend a meeting and enjoy a root beer float at the same time?! Only at Brokaw, as we had celebrated this delectable unofficial national holiday early last week!


This last week wrapped up The Dream Team’s swift tour of Northeast Ohio spreading the word of Bob Evans’ Upside—Down Days.

Say Good morning to Dinner!

To sum up everyone’s reactions:

Monday, July 23 was the official kickoff date of Bob Evans exciting new Upside-Down Days promotion in Northeast Ohio. We have assembled a street team decked out in pajamas to help spread the word throughout the region of this delicious idea of breakfast for dinner.

So far it has been quite the learning experience being a part of this street team. It has personally helped me to overcome my initial shyness while we are approaching and chatting with complete strangers. What is most gratifying about the process is that everyone has been absolutely thrilled upon learning about this new promotion! But let’s face it, who doesn’t love having breakfast for dinner?!

Question of the Week!

What is your favorite superhero/villain?


I grew up with the Christopher Reeve movies, so without a doubt Superman has always been my favorite!

On Saturday, July 14, I had the opportunity to be a part of the 3rd Annual Cleveland Plane Pull® to benefit Special Olympics Ohio, hosted by Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Team Brokaw rallied a robust 20-person group to see how fast we could pull a 150,000 lbs Boeing 737.  Even though an impressive 9.05—second time didn’t position us as first place, we had a blast!

Check out these guns!

Only thing missing was Lisa!

This week could have been two weeks rolled into one with all that we had going on. As an intern it has been a privilege to have such a multitude of hands-on experiences with client projects.

Thursday was an especially unique experience as we were up and at it again before the sun had even risen! FOX8 hosted the kickoff event for the Bob Evans Upside-Down Days promotion, as we handed out free coffee and delicious banana nut and blueberry bread.  Even the Indians Slider stopped by!

Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment at Brokaw!

The Dream Team! (get it?!)

It’s not often that wearing pajamas to work is a requirement. In light of this rare and special occasion, I’ll share this gem:

Question of the Week:

Which actor/actress would you choose to portray you on the big screen?

Jennifer Aniston, naturally. Her girl-next-door demeanor makes her the perfect fit, although I merely dream of duplicating the look of those luscious locks!

Before I came to intern here at Brokaw, it was merely hopes and dreams to work alongside advertising professionals. This last week was filled to the brim with billable work and direct communication with clients; is this real life?!

‘Question’ of the week… Tell us an obscure, fun fact about yourself!

-Most of the time I am freezing …even in triple digit temperatures.

-I love Grocery shopping, no really.

-88.76% of the photos on my phone are of my puppy.

My Lilly

While we have had the good fortune of one national holiday plus one Brokaw holiday back to back, the Breadstick Tour hasn’t been taking any days off.  The media has been busy “keeping up with Fazoli’s” in all its coverage across the country thus far. Success!

Stars, Stripes, and Breadsticks!

Hope everyone had as much fun as this guy ^ this Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July!

Well as the saying goes: the early bird gets the worm! (And the second mouse gets the cheese….!) All of this past Monday’s early birds (…and figurative mice, of course) enjoyed some free coffee instead in honor of Business Traveler Appreciation Day at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport!

Hundreds of cups of steaming java were all handed out by these Bro—terns’ bright and smiling faces! You’re welcome.

“What would your theme song be?”

I have learned to embrace my name even after years of torment as a child, and feel that this song is the most perfect embodiment of  what I’m all about: being a good friend who is always willing to go that extra mile!

Considering my spirit animal from last week however, Manfred Mann’s Pretty Flamingo was naturally a close runner up!

…And we haven’t been scared off yet! So far it’s apparent that life at Brokaw is never dull.

Last week I had the opportunity to do some intercept market research for our client, Fazoli’s. I was flown out to the Kansas City market for two days and experienced Fast. Fresh. Italian. Fazoli’s!

This was me ^ on Cloud 9.

I’ve been doing a lot of work with Erin for the Fazoli’s Breadstick Tour, which had its successful kickoff event in Lexington, KY on Thursday!

Check out Fazoli’s facebook page or twitter to see if The Fazoli’s Breadstick Express is stopping near you on their tour around the country!

What is your spirit animal?

The flamingo of course! What girl doesn’t love pink?! And of course, the ability to sleep standing up. On one foot!

I will be graduating from Kent State University this December with a degree in marketing (Yes, our baseball team is Kentstoppable)! This summer I have the privilege to be one of the Account Services Interns, aka Erin’s new partner in crime! This past week I have had the utmost coveted task of making calls for the stops on the upcoming Fazoli’s Breadstick Tour…I know it’s crazy, but here’s Brokaw’s number; so call us maybe?
What brought me to Brokaw?
Before heading out into the big bad world that is ‘life after college’ I thought it best to get some experience under my belt. A close family friend gave me the heads up that Brokaw would be worth checking out, and now the rest is history! So far this experience has been jam packed with Brosomeness- cupcakes, happy dog, the zoo- not to mention our 15 seconds of fame on channel 8! I’m looking forward to what else Brokaw has up its sleeves, it’s going to be a great summer!