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Extra Bit of Crazy This Week

About two weeks’ worth of stuff was crammed into last week, leaving my head feeling a bit like this:

squirrel suitcase

I filled schedules for three cities for the Breadsticks for Hunger Tour, went to some freaking cool meetings, scrambled with the other interns to put our intern project together to present to our supervisors, all while harassing Brokaw employees for my intern interviews (which I of course put off starting for too long).  Can you blame me?  I was afraid people would look at me like this when I asked for time in their busy schedules…

Turns out the interviews were one of my favorite parts of the week.  I got some great advice and learned a lot about the Brocess.

My other most favorite parts of the week were meetings with RTA and FirstMerit that I was lucky enough to sit in on.  I tried to be as sponge-like as possible and absorb as much information as I could.

It was also pretty cool that our supervisors all did this after our intern group presentation too:

….really you ask?  You’ll never know.

I am taking a break from telling the tale of Fazoli’s Breadstick Tour planning this week to remind everyone (and maybe myself) how cool Cleveland and Ohio are.

Harry M. Stevens invented the hot dog in Ohio in 1900.  Thanks to him we now enjoy places like Happy Dog where you are only cool if your hot dog has more toppings than you can count on your fingers.

hot dogs

Cleveland went tech savvy in 1879 when it became the world’s first city to be lighted electronically…

…and then again in 1914 when we were the first city in America to put up a traffic light.  Take that California, (home of the Apple innovation genius Steve Jobs and Apple headquarters).

In Cleveland it is illegal to leave chewing gum in public places.

Ohio was the first to enact laws to protect working women.  Thanks Ohio, rock on girls.

The first day of deer hunting season and “I am in 4H and have to take my cow to the county fair” are viable reasons for kids to be absent from school.


We are the home to:


Charles Ramsey


great food and childhood memories,


one of the most respected hospitals in the nation,

cle clinic

and die-hard, freaking awesome, tailgating Cleveland fans.


Rock on Cleveland.

Courtesy of BuzzFeed and

Six whole crazy weeks have passed.  This week was crazy busy and had an infusion of Brokawesome-ness on hump day.  I spent part of the week continuing my quest to plan the stops for the Breadsticks for Hunger Tour.  Then on Wednesday the other interns and I got to venture out to Coventry to help with the filming of a social media video series.  I spent the day cracking up laughing at the talent who were Brokawesome comedians, choosing goofy silk and footie pajamas for the comedians to wear in the videos and eating Dunkin’ Donuts and Jimmy Johns.  Needless to say the only strenuous part of the day was carrying an ice bag up the steps to keep the pop cold.  I learned some cool stuff about production and to always take the opportunity to be around comedians because they constantly spout off a steady stream of jokes.  Despite my best creative efforts, the best picture I could think to share was a picture actually from the shoot, however I unfortunately did not take any pictures.  This is the best I can find to portray my Wednesday experience.

I take my hat off to the comedians from the shoot; reality was actually funnier than anything I could dig up on YouTube.

Courtesy of the 4th of July and the generous Brokaw bros, this week was short (only three days long woo woo) and sweet.  I continued my bombard-age of poor souls in the name of the Breadsticks for Hunger Tour this time in Lincoln, Nebraska and Wichita, Kansas.  The already short week was broken up even more with an internal Halftime Report on Tuesday that included pizza (another woo woo).  Woo woos aside, I’m glad I was here to listen to the Halftime Report.  It was very cool to hear about the past year of Brokaw endeavors and future goals.  Here is a little tid bit hint at what is to come from Brokaw:

Then just as the short week was wrapping up we had an ice cream party for Katie Riley (Happy Marriage!) (and another woo woo) and then the Brokaws closed the office at 3 p.m. (last woo woo, count ‘em that’s four).  Thanks for an awesome, short, woo woo filled week Brokaw!

Somehow the fourth week (a whole month) as a Brotern has come to a close.  I absolutely cannot believe it.  My only excuse for totally losing track of time is that I have been so busy doing cool things in Brokawville.  This week I continued my hunt for breadstick monging people across the country.  I discovered that time zones are not the only difference between cities.  People in some cities seemed to have a pace a bit more like this than I am used to:

Which made my must-find-people-to-monge-breadsticks pace feel like this:

Aside from cultural lessons, this week I had some other awesome opportunities.  The coolest was a kick-start meeting for a new client who has a very short time frame and gave very few limitations.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Until next week…

I successfully made it through week three as a Brotern!  Since my last post, I worked on Smokey Bones’ online presence, researched potential clients, attended kick start meetings for Vitamix and Neuro Sleep and made 100,047 calls for the Breadsticks for Hunger Tour; all while monging at Happy Dog, eating bagels and muffins on Friday mornings and creeping on pictures and videos of Zorina’s new kitten.   Here is what I learned:

–          Kathy has a candy stash on her desk.

–          Zorina’s kitten is stinkin’ cute and potentially an undercover bobcat.

–          How to get the attention of the head of marketing at the Kansas City Zoo with an urgent email.

–          You have to pay to be on

–          The broad view of the overall process at Brokawville.

–          Happy Dog is awesome, but too many toppings does indeed result in a food coma and upset stomach.

Best of all, the week ended strong.  Seconds before the Kansas City schedule was due (literally) I got permission for the Breadstick Tour to stop at the Kansas City Zoo on a day that they are expecting 20,000 visitors.  Woo WOOO!  I did a dance just like this all around the office.

Who am I?


HI hi! I am account Brotern Lindsay.  I am a 2013 Miami University Mass Communication graduate (ahh!) recently released into the real world.  I have had a crazy first two weeks working and I’m so excited to see what the summer brings.

Outside of school/work related things I am obsessed with my horse and spend lots of my time spoiling him rotten.

The tale of my first week as a Brotern summarized in pictures:

captain rta

blown up car

What’s that? You say you don’t believe that I met a superhero and witnessed burning cars and shootouts?

girl boy kristen stewart

And you don’t believe that this was half of St. Louis and Kansas City’s reaction to free breadsticks?

This is the true account of my first two weeks as a Brokaw account intern.  I first romped the streets with Captain RTA who came to rescue Cleveland from the perils of the Captain America filming.  Then I called every cool place (and lots of less cool places) in St. Louis and Kansas City to try to give away free breadsticks, which was more like pulling teeth than giving away free food.  I then stalked grocery stores for cool new Broclients.  As a bonus I spent two hours at an extended lunch with the Brokaw brothers and my fellow interns.  This all occurred while watching shootouts through the front office windows (slightly less cool than it sounds, actors and film crews seem to spend most of their time standing around).

The end, until next week.