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The end of an era is near.

I want to thank Brokaw for an amazing summer – they’ve given me more experience, adventures, and advice than I could have ever asked for.

In order to fully encompass my internship experience, I have prepared a haiku:

Lots of free t-shirts.
World’s Greatest Ad Agency.
Yay, spiral staircase.

When I arrived to Brokaw on my first day, mastering that stainless steel ladder of doom was only one of my tasks at hand. Our intern syllabuses were packed to the brim with responsibilities, and I am thankful for all of the real-world experience.

I was once a young grasshopper,
and I am now ready to judo chop my way into the advertising world.

Thanks for everything, Brokaw!

Stairway to Heaven

This week, the streets have been taken over by B.R.A.T.’s.

What kind of brat?


This kind, perhaps?

So close.

More along the lines of B.R.A.T: Brokaw Retail Activation Team.

What does this all mean?

In order to form relationships with our customers, Brokaw has hit the road to promote Bob Evan’s Upside-Down Days, a deal offering free kids breakfast meals at dinner time. Sweet!

We hit the streets to spread the news to all the moms and dads of the world.

Knock, knock!

The children’s eyes lit up with glee as we visited their pint-sized, teeny towns.

Liberty Sweet Shop – promoting the sweetest deals

All in all, nothing but good times were had by the B.R.A.T.’s.

Question of the week: Who is your favorite superhero?

Alongside bonafide legends such as Doug Funny and Patti Mayonnaise, I bring you: Quail Man.

No superhero looked nearly as good saving the world as Quail Man did – completely clad in his underpants, and proud of it.

Quail call, away!

Goals. We all have them.

Some people aspire to climb Mount Everest, to skydive, or to consume outrageous quantities of food.

For myself, I like to keep my goals simple and to the point.

No sandcastles were harmed in the making of this Bucket List.

Thanks to Brokaw, I was able to cross a few things off the ol’ Bucket List this week.

For example, on Saturday we volunteered for the Cleveland Hopkins 3rd Annual Plane Pull for the Special Olympics.


We threw out our backs for a good cause, and I had the rush of pulling a Boeing 737 with my bare hands: Check.

I also made my 2nd personal TV debut for the summer: Check.

On Thursday, we visited Fox 8 News at the crack o’ five in the morning.

We were given strict instructions to arrive in our pajamas and be ready to work.

Ralphie has a poor attitude.

While at Fox 8, we partnered with Bob Evans to hand out free breakfast and coffee to people in their cars.

Be a fully functioning member of society while dressed in my pajamas: Check!

No woofs about it

Overall, it’s been quite the rewarding week here at Brokaw.

As we all know, major life accomplishments can been quite motivational:

Until next week, keep living the dream.

Greetings, and thanks for sticking around to peep another post of mine.

In order to get through yet another jam packed week, the digital team drafted a 3-page hefty to-do list.

Our tasks also forced us to call upon the power of the almighty gnome.

“Oh No! We have to get a lot of stuff done this week!” is right.

According to scientific research, most gnomes are:

-7 times stronger than a man,
-can run at speeds of 35 miles per hour,
-have better sight than a hawk…

Gnome forest creatures

They’re also really great at doing office work.

They get along terrifically with our fellow bro-creatures, and helped work overtime to get our list completed.

As always, it’s been another wild week at Brokaw, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Question of the Week: What is a fun fact about yourself?

I have several fun facts about myself.
in any particular order:

1) I insist on setting my alarm clock for odd numbers ie: 6:17, 8:33, 10:49
2) I can recite the entire Preamble to the Constitution. (I prefer to sing it)
3) When doing laundry, I really enjoy picking the lint out of the filter.

With all of the above being said, please don’t judge me too much.
Have a great weekend.

**Spoiler alert!**

Stay tuned next week to read about me attempting to pull an airplane with my bare hands, and frolicking around CLE in my PJ’s.

2 birds with 1 stone

Ye olde Fourth of July.

How did us red-blooded Americans best honor Independence day?

In the same fashion that our founding fathers celebrated:

  why Tweeting, of course.

America tweets!

Despite what some may think, communicating in 140 characters is not the end of civilization as we know it:

It is, in fact, a glimpse into the future of connecting.

At its heart, Twitter is just a communication tool. Like the Internet, the phone and the telegram before it, it’s just a tool to let one person connect with another.

Wireless communication.

In my first month here at Brokaw, I’ve learned how Twitter builds relationships with customers.

For example: take one of Brokaw’s current projects, the Fazoli’s Breadstick Tour.

We can see here how Twitter helped pay respectful honors to America and Fazoli’s all at once:

While all of us are out and about on a holiday, social media allows us to stay centrally connected in ways like never before.

Take a look at my personal highlights from Twitter this past July 4th:

And last but not least:

A shameless plug for not only myself, but for the best TV offer of all time, the Snuggie.

Until next time, keep calm and carry on.

Or this:

Breadstick revolution.

This week has been eventful, and most importantly it has been oh so kind –  in granting my wish of receiving more free t-shirts!

 We proudly donned them at 4 am, arriving to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to hand out free coffee for Business Traveler Appreciation Day.

 For someone who has come to love the wonders of the Keurig, I was left with no choice but to consult Siri for help in brewing coffee for the masses:

She was NOT much help.

Summary of Personal Accomplishments:

-Woke up on time at 2:30 am
-Prepared, poured, and handed out 400+ cups of coffee
-Was offered to hop on a flight to St. Louis with a 52 year-old man
-Acquired the entire life story of a security cop on a Segway

Oh, and you can’t forget this guy:

The man, the myth, the legend: Žydrūnas Ilgauskas.

It was a pleasure to bump into the 7’3″ former teammate and current assistant general manager for the Cavaliers.

For those wondering, I spotted him out and yes – pronounced his full name correctly without skipping a beat. Everybody loves Big Z!

In other news:

Independence Day is just around the corner.

Although it does fall smack dab in the middle of the week,

us Brokaw-ians won’t let it ruin our chance to partake in some good old-fashioned American debauchery:

American, and proud of it.

Last but not least, here comes the BONUS question of the week:
What is your personal theme song?

Considering I’ve proposed not only a verbal but also a written request at Brokaw to sing a Love Shack karaoke duet, I am going to stick with that theme.

I plan to stick to my goal as well. Enjoy below, and feel free to join in karaoke with me:

For someone who loves the media, I’ve continued to dive deeper into:

 – the vast array of online media buys
– drafting proposals
– making media recommendations
– compiling report data ( I see ya’ll clicking!)

I also gave a Brokaw presentation this week where I boldly shared this picture of myself circa 97′ :

Glory Days: for all the world to see

My intern duties reflect a lot on this picture from 1997, as I’ve realized just how far we’ve come in this di-gi-tal world.

There are many things I  thankfully experienced growing up that my children may never know about, including:

– The scream of a modem connecting
– Blowing the dust out of a NES cartridge and hoping it will load
– Having physical prints of photographs come back to you ( and not via Instagram)
– Floppy discs
– Getting lost (hello, beloved GPS!)
– Pay phones
– Remembering someone’s phone number by heart ( I still have a select few committed to memory )
– 3-D movies meaning red-and-green glasses
– Going to Blockbuster to rent a movie (Netflix anyone?)
– Inserting a VHS tape into a VCR to watch a movie or to record something
– When Spam was just a meat product — or even this awesome Monty Python sketch

Cassette artifact fossil


What is your spirit animal?

Without hesitation – my spirit animal is a cat.

I like listening to birds, I’m really good at taking naps, and I like being petted and held.

Also, tether-ball was my favorite game to play; we all know that’s the ultimate human-cat toy to ever exist.

Hiya there, fellow bro-barians.

This introduces my first formal blog post, so cue the music:

Let’s get digital…


As the digi-tern at Brokaw, I’ve been dissecting every metric of digital known to man. Basically, this calls for ingesting lots of alphabet soup such as CTR, CPA, CPC, CPM – OMG, LOL.

I have not come across any true intern “chores” thus far. Unless, you consider the hefty chore that is refilling Kate’s infamous candy jar.

I graduate next semester from Kent State University, majoring in Advertising, minoring in Marketing. Shameless plug: Kent State baseball has advanced to the College World Series, root for them this Saturday. (This is probably the most exciting KSU occurrence since ‘Nam.).

When I was only a wee sophmore at KSU, I was first introduced to Brokaw’s work. I bookmarked the website and have enjoyed stalking Brokaw in a socially acceptable manner ever since – the rest is history.

Interning at the “World’s Greatest Advertising Agency” sure has many perks. I have explored CLE, met some wonderful people, had my first TV debut, and have conveniently received a free t-shirt for each week I’ve been here so far. By the end of this summer I plan to stitch a quilt, so keep ‘em coming.

Until next time, keep livin’ the dream.