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Last post as an official Brokaw Intern! All the employees here have given me extraordinary advice and have made the past 10 weeks the most fun I’ve had while learning about the professional world. A special shout out to the creatives for teaching me the tricks of the trade.

I think I’m ready to take on the ad world.

This week was quite an adventure. I can barely read my timesheet because of all the projects I dabbed into. For the bulk of the week, I got to work on one of my favorite projects so far! Just when things are going well, it got even better. Wednesday was Brokaw’s very own Senior Skip Day. This entailed free tickets to the Cleveland Indian’s Game.

Work is getting unrealistically fun.

(Please click image if it’s not moving)

This internship has been the perfect bridge between school and the real world. For future Brokaw Interns and all else interested, talk to everyone, ask questions, stay busy no matter what, and don’t take things “too” seriously.

Thanks for everything, Brokaw!

I have said this a million times, and I still believe it to be true, but the reason I like graphic design is because I get to learn about an enormous range of topics. Lo and behold, I had to concept and design a promo that was centered around football. I might be athletic to some degree, but football is about as familiar to me as the planet Saturn.

When I showed my work to my supervisors, I was all like:

They were like:

I didn’t know the X’s and O’s had to face a certain direction…

In other news, the highlight of this week was getting free root beer floats at the beginning of an awesome presentation. To quote the great Belinda Carlisle, “Ou, heaven is a place on Earth”.

Also, I have been doing a good job of utilizing the recycle bin. According to my calculations, I’ve increased the contributions by 30%.

Literally thought I broke my back trying to lift that thing.

This week I went to the UH Geauga Medical Center and got a first hand look at how Brokaw does commercials. Since I am awful at remembering to take pictures with my phone, here’s a stock photo image to represent my experience:

The X-rays and scans were a little spooky. Mainly because the only light source in the room was coming from images of bones and brains.

This week I realized my favorite part of art direction is seeing a pitch come together. Watching a concept taking shape across all sorts of media is incredibly exciting. It reminds me of a creative process chart that my professor illustrated for us. I don’t have a picture of the real thing, but it went something like this:

Perfectly explained and executed.


What is your favorite superhero/villain?

I guess I gravitate towards those in red, green and yellow? My favorite hero has always been Robin because he’s got Batmen’s back. But my all time favorite is Marvin the Martian. I grew up watching the Looney Toons, and I loved his weird, nerdy alien voice and his failed attempts of blowing up the planet.

The highlight of this week was handing out FREE breakfast to daily commuters and fellow Clevelanders. We were stationed at FOX8 and passed out a hot cup of coffee and delicious blueberry and banana nut bread to promote Bob Evan’s Upside Down Days. Our “Dream Team” (get it?), worked so hard that by the time we got back to Brokaw…

The rest of the week has gone by smoothly. I still am getting the riveting opportunity of working on multiple projects for different clients and constantly staying busy. It’s getting exciting because my biggest project is getting closer and closer to the production stages where it will be out in THE REAL WORLD. Yes, these things are exciting, especially after four years of designing personal projects for professors where only they get to witness my creative genius…

…err…something close to that at least.

In other news, I missed out on the annual Plane Pull at CLE! Although, this might have a been a plus for Brokaw because there is no way I could have assisted in pulling an actual plane. Luckily, my co-workers did not forget about me, for I was there in spirit to cheer them on.


Which actor/actress would you choose to portray you on the big screen?

Emma Roberts. Oh look, she already knows how to cradle for the lacrosse scenes.

Clearly past the half way mark—when did that happen? Summer is flying by at full speed. Thanks to this Brokaw internship, this summer has been full of all sorts of experiences that are making me happy I studied graphic design. The work I am doing and the people I work with are making it hard for me not to brag about my job! They are keeping me busy with real-world projects, so I look like this everyday:

Also, I cannot get over how creative the minds are here. I am definitely learning how to both sell a product well and do it with smart, witty humor. It’s making me think about words, phrases, and imagery in new and unusual ways.

Take for example: “Diamonds in the rough.” How else could that be portrayed visually? …oh, I know!

Haha…ha…………………ha… still working on my humor.

Speaking of humor, feel free to poke fun of me with this week’s QUESTION OF THE WEEK:

1. I have a slight lisp, hence the title of this week’s post. (You can barely tell if I put forth the effort.)
2. Being an athlete only sucks when it comes to injuries: I’ve broken my back twice (stress fracture.)
3. I use a night mask. Not only to block out the sun in the morning, but because of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Well, I have to get back to client work!  See you next week, and until then, THIS BETTER NOT BE TRUE:

Not only did we get the 4th off, but the Brokaw bros were nice enough to give us the 5th off as well! The 3-day week FLEW by!
Not many others could say the same about their holiday week…

And those two days off were much appreciated! I enjoyed going to the beach, seeing fireworks, and getting a chance to step away from the computer for a little bit, especially because my social skills started to become weaker.

(It’s only because everyone is so focused on creating beautiful design work for our clients)

Here at the office, a couple of the creatives took vacation this week. I was sad they weren’t here, but I was lucky enough to get more projects! A taste of the real world for sure.
Or more like a whole smorgasbord.

For this post, I have chosen to illustrate my week in GIFs, in honor of one of the funniest blogs on the interweb: What Should We Call Me

So Monday was a jam-packed adventure. Us interns handed out freebies to all the busy business travelers. From 4am-6am we brewed coffee, and then at 6am-12pm we handed out coffee and newspapers representing CLE.

If you saw me there, I looked like this:

(click the image—it moves!)
I might have tried a little of the coffee…

The rest of the week I got to sit at Steve’s desk because he is out in L.A. for a video shoot.

When Gregg told me I could sit upstairs all week, I was a little excited:

After settling in, I got a couple more projects. But one in particular stood out. Very much so. I had to design a catering box for Fazoli’s with copy going every which direction, and it was due in less than 24 hours. There were roughly 40 lines and graphic elements that had to fit into the puzzle and look clean and cohesive, like good typography should be.

I sat at my desk trying to recall all the typography rules EVER:

 (Click image)
Good news: I have more time to finesse it!

So after week four, I’m finally getting a feel for everything about the ad world. However there is one thing I have a hard time realizing.

Whenever I design something on the first try,
I always expect everyone to be like:

However, it’s always, “It looks great! But…”

 (Click image)
Gives me motivation to work harder!

What’s your theme song?

My favorite place to be in the whole wide world is:

Close runners up are:
Here I Go Again — Whitesnake
Seven Nation Army — The White Stripes 

Well, we are at the end of week three.
Here’s my current state of being:

Typical, I go for Snow White, and end up looking like the snarky witch…

Brokaw is teaching me how to balance multiple projects, literally.
But I’m definitely not complaining!

Just this week I got to step away from the computer screen for a bit to build this:

Ok well…this spray booth might not look as fancy in this mupload (mobile upload), but I assure you, it’s the cat’s pajamas.


*Really rough photoshopping

There. That pretty much gets the point across.

Aside from building spray booths and finding random half eaten things to balance on my head, I actually have been working. This week, I got to listen to clients critique my work, design facebook graphics, and help out with a CLE airport installation.

Basically this has been me:

And I hope it stays that way!!!

BONUS QUESTION: What’s my spirit animal?
A wolf. It’s my favorite animal. And like a wolf, I don’t mind the cold and snow. I also feel more comfortable in groups. Us interns have formed a little wolf pack ourselves 🙂

A professional looking mug of my face. Oh what the timeless wonders of the black and white camera effect can do for me.

A Tid Bit About Lisa Lorek:

  • SCHOOL: Back in May, I graduated from the University of Dayton with a BFA in Visual Communication Design.
    Translation: I’m entering the real world now, smart and broke.
  • POSITION: Brokaw has hired me to be the Art Director Intern, which has already entailed a grand array of projects and clients—and in just a week. I have acquired a nice stack of manilla folders on my desk, involving both print and web design work.
  • FAVORITE CHORE: It’s been a rough life on the Cinderella side of things. Two hour lunch breaks. A new Mac to work on. Cupcakes. Free t-shirts. A couple of segments on the local news. I don’t know where to begin…
  • FAVORITE AD: Back in high school, my friend introduced me to the Terry Tate ads for Reebok. I was instantly addicted. It was very quotable and can still make me laugh years and years later. “To be honest, I wish Reebok sent us 10 Terry Tates.”

First post done. GO THUNDER!