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After I stumbled across this AdAge article on a brilliant creative director’s “side job,” I started reflecting on my own hobbies and passions.  If this Nathan Phillips ad exec guy could make money writing break-up letters, wedding toasts and TED talks, what could I make money doing?
I guess a better question for myself would be this:
“what do I want to make a living doing?”

Well to put it simply, what I’m doing now (but with a sprinkle of pro-bono work on the side).  I feel eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity to help such a clever, talented agency tell each of their fantastic clients’ stories.  However, I have found I continually ponder what humanity is to do about the big issues that don’t have a cool little “face” or “brand” for themselves; and I’m marveled by the apathetic nature of American society.  These astronomically influential ideas that are so relentlessly fought over, year after year, have little to no progress made on resolving them.  Instead, most of the uninformed public lets the powers that govern make the paramount decisions for them.  Decisions that will change the fate of our children’s (and even our own) future.

I will forever love and respect Brokaw for rising above the blah blah.  How could I not?  After all, it’s the world’s best ad agency.  Google said so. But it’s my goal to build a life where I can leave work each evening, go home, and take that same fervor I have for storytelling and translate it over to a little side gig that helps enlighten the world with stories of civilization’s struggles for unearthing universal truths (equality, peace, etc.).  Now whether that will be through a podcast, design for public good, activist work or something completely unimaginable at this point, the goal will always stay clear: help the world learn from its failures and have enough courage to keep moving forward.

A single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing.

“Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck. Your profession is what you’re put here on Earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.”  –  Vincent Van Gogh

Now, anyone who knows me knows my favorite form of social media is Instagram—and Instagram just happened to make some pretty cool updates that social media junkies—like myself—are very excited about.

Instagram recently updated its search and explore feature to be more user friendly and Twitter-like. Before, the search and explore feature only allowed users to search hashtags and people.  It also provided content based off of what a user recently liked or searched.  It was a pretty basic feature that was not very beneficial for brands. It made it difficult for brands to serve their content to their intended potential audiences unless they used paid supported posts.

Now, with the new updates, the first thing to pop up under the search and discover tab on Instagram is “trending tags.”  The “trending tags” section displays the hashtags that are currently trending on Instagram.  As a result, it makes it easier for people to use the platform beyond their personal feed, which is good news for brands.

The new update also displays a collection of posts from various groups on Instagram, and allows users to click on the sections to discover interesting content.  These sections will change twice a week, currently the sections include:

  • Extreme AthletesInstagram
  • Towering Rocks
  • NBA Rising Stars
  • New People
  • Trending Places

So what does this new feature mean to social media pros, or in my case aspiring social media pros?  It allows them to create content focused around already trending conversations.  This in turn, allows social media specialists to better promote their brand on Instagram without paying for a promoted post.

Before the updates it was hard for brands to get other users, besides their followers, to see their content.  Now the new update makes it possible for users to discover content they will find interesting and enjoyable, but might not have ever known existed.  It is a great place for users to explore different brands, and not just the few friends they follow.

These new features do not only change the way Instagram users think about the app, but changes a social media specialists strategic strategy for a brand.


Disclaimer: this post is ’bout to get sentimental. Read at your own risk.

I was beside myself with excitement when I learned that I would be a joining Brokaw for the summer. I’ve known for a while that working at an ad agency is what I want to do, but I was never (still not) exactly sure what I want to do in one. Before I started, I had a few informational sessions with agencies around Ohio and I thought I wanted to go into Account Services. When I got the digital and social media internship, I was excited to see if maybe that was where I want to be. Low and behold, I grew a love for media. I love the planning aspect and the fact that it incorporates some creativity in order to find just the right placements for the client.

Not only was the work fun, but the people….the people are incredible. From the beginning, everyone has been so welcoming and so kind to Ellie and I. I can’t thank you all enough for taking me under you wing and making me feel like I was a true part of the team. I have had some great teachers and amazing mentors here (special shout out to the media team and Renee) who have impacted my life in the best of ways. I have learned so much from this experience and I am forever grateful!

Hm. The word/picture ratio is a bit off…here’s a picture.

There, that’s better. Now back to me being mushy.

This internship has truly spoiled me. Apparently it’s not normal for the CEOs to open a tab at Barley House multiple times for everyone in office? Dang. And I guess it’s also unheard of for the CEOs to also throw a company wide pub crawl. Hm. I am surely counting my lucky stars for being able to work at a place that condones so much…fun.

With that said, my broternship has definitely been one to remember. I will truly miss this place and everyone in it!

Happy Friday!



As a kid everyone always asks you, “So what do you wanna be when you grow up?” And unless you were one of those born prodigies who knew that because you liked to stack blocks you must be an architect one day, you probably answered with the typical “I don’t know” response. And for awhile that answer was acceptable because this so called “real world” seemed like a million years away. Growing up my response was the typical “I don’t know,” then senior year of high school was coming to an end and it was crunch time to decide on the profession I was going to take on for the rest of my life (wow what a big decision to put on the shoulders of an overly confident, extremely dramatic teenager). While looking through the majors available to me at Kent State University, I stumbled upon Advertising. I read some of the courses I would be required to take, decided it seemed like a good fit and submitted my application the next day. Luckily I fell in love with the business and I finally have an answer to the question we have all heard a million times, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?”

So since I’d taken the majority of my classes (with only having my senior year of college left) I decided I should get a taste of this “real world” I have heard so much about. I applied to many different agency and was lucky enough to get a call back from the world’s best advertising agency (according to our moms). I am officially a Brotern at Brokaw Inc. and I am so excited to learn and absorb all that I can in the next 10 weeks. Although I haven’t gotten to meet everyone yet, with it only being my first week and all, I can tell that this is an insanely talented group of people who like to have fun. Aside from having to wake up before the sun, this is going to be a browesome summer… stay tuned!

Extra Bit of Crazy This Week

About two weeks’ worth of stuff was crammed into last week, leaving my head feeling a bit like this:

squirrel suitcase

I filled schedules for three cities for the Breadsticks for Hunger Tour, went to some freaking cool meetings, scrambled with the other interns to put our intern project together to present to our supervisors, all while harassing Brokaw employees for my intern interviews (which I of course put off starting for too long).  Can you blame me?  I was afraid people would look at me like this when I asked for time in their busy schedules…

Turns out the interviews were one of my favorite parts of the week.  I got some great advice and learned a lot about the Brocess.

My other most favorite parts of the week were meetings with RTA and FirstMerit that I was lucky enough to sit in on.  I tried to be as sponge-like as possible and absorb as much information as I could.

It was also pretty cool that our supervisors all did this after our intern group presentation too:

….really you ask?  You’ll never know.

Things are a little different in the world of bro-land. From the moment you step foot into our office space—Heck! From the moment you read anything we have posted online, you will notice this is no ordinary advertising agency.

One of the things that makes Brokaw so brokawesome is the bro-culture. Having a healthy work culture is very important. An organization is formed to achieve specific goals and objectives by bringing individuals together on a common platform and motivating them to deliver their best. It is essential for employees to enjoy their work environment for them to feel a sense of loyalty to it.

Bill Brokaw founded the agency on April Fools’ Day, 1992.—That alone should tell you something…

…and so should his three business goals:

1. To do great work
2. To make money
3. To have fun

In order to achieve those goals, Brokaw has developed a culture that employees are extremely proud of. I am going to break down what I believe a healthy work culture should consist of and then explain how Brokaw displays those specific qualities.

A good work culture includes:

• Hardworking individuals
• A cohesive team
• Good managers
• Willingness in team members to share load
• Friendly Environment
• Team outings

The great people at Brokaw are all about walking the walk. They work hard so that they can play hard. The employees trust the people they work for and enjoy the people they work with. They have pride in the work they do and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the work done. Everyone is willing to offer a helping hand or jump into a project when they are needed, regardless of the circumstances.

Brokaw is a place where you can witness sharing, growing, achieving and improving all while laughing along the way.


I am taking a break from telling the tale of Fazoli’s Breadstick Tour planning this week to remind everyone (and maybe myself) how cool Cleveland and Ohio are.

Harry M. Stevens invented the hot dog in Ohio in 1900.  Thanks to him we now enjoy places like Happy Dog where you are only cool if your hot dog has more toppings than you can count on your fingers.

hot dogs

Cleveland went tech savvy in 1879 when it became the world’s first city to be lighted electronically…

…and then again in 1914 when we were the first city in America to put up a traffic light.  Take that California, (home of the Apple innovation genius Steve Jobs and Apple headquarters).

In Cleveland it is illegal to leave chewing gum in public places.

Ohio was the first to enact laws to protect working women.  Thanks Ohio, rock on girls.

The first day of deer hunting season and “I am in 4H and have to take my cow to the county fair” are viable reasons for kids to be absent from school.


We are the home to:


Charles Ramsey


great food and childhood memories,


one of the most respected hospitals in the nation,

cle clinic

and die-hard, freaking awesome, tailgating Cleveland fans.


Rock on Cleveland.

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The halfway point of the best internship in the world has quickly come and gone—and this brotern has a great deal to report. Since my last post, I have been super busy with brokawesome tasks including:

• Learning more about the greatest ad agency in the world (aka Brokaw, duh) at the Internal Halftime Report
• Celebrating Katie’s marriage with an ice cream social
• Enjoying a long holiday weekend
• Drinking Lake Erie Monster (courtesy of the Brokaw bros.)
• Attending lunch meetings with Pandora
• Helping out at a shoot for (where really I watched improv comedy and got paid for it, but shhhhh)
• Preparing myself for a night out, which will include dinner and an Indians game
• Hitting the gym, so that I don’t let team Brokaw down at the Plane Pull this Saturday
• Performing magic (ok…“illusions”) around the office with Kate and Zorina

Along with all of that brokawesomeness, it has been crazy busy around the office. I think it is safe to say I have hit a point of my internship where I have been able to really get a taste of the agency world. From start of work meetings to pitches, these past couple weeks have truly been an eye opener.

Throughout my college career, working at an agency has appealed to me. Despite the fast-paced, stressful world of advertising, I was eager to break into agency life. And let me tell you, I can now say that I have experienced that fast-paced work environment that I had been expecting.

Good sign!—I haven’t been scared off yet! Of course it helps having an agency like Brokaw ease you into the crazy world of advertising. The people at Brokaw have a work hard, play hard attitude. It is amazing to be part of an environment where people understand the importance of balancing hard work with pleasure.

This Sunday (June 30, 2013) is the fourth annual Social Media Day (#SMDAY). In honor of the upcoming holiday, I thought this week would be a good time to take a break from sharing my brokawesome broternship adventures and give this special day some recognition!

Social Media Day

I am a huge advocate of social media and how you can leverage it for your business or utilize it to improve your reputation. Social media is something we need to understand in today’s world to ensure it is one of our allies and not one of our enemies.

One of the reasons I find social media to be so fascinating is the fact that it is constantly changing. The future is all about digital media, and I am proud to be someone who strives to keep up with the always-changing social world.

I have put together some of my favorite social media quotes and thought sharing them might inspire some of you to highlight Social Media Day as well!

1. “You are what you Tweet.”
-Alex Tew, Monkey Inferno

2. “Our head of social media is the customer.”

3. “Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking gun.”
-Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO

4. “The qualities that make Twitter seem insane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful.”
-Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Law at Harvard

5. “When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place.”
-Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook

Please feel free to add some of your favorite social media quotes. And until next time, enjoy the holiday!

Wow, another week as a Brotern is coming to an end. 😦 Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

This week was full of tasks that digital nerds (like myself) get excited about. Along with my usual assignments, I was asked to complete two things I thought were brokawesome—coincidentally, both assignments involved the lovely social media tool, Twitter.

The first assignment I was asked to complete was to create a Twitter Deck explaining the process of how to use Twitter. This was a task I was extremely excited about. It wasn’t until I started explaining the process that I realized the people I was creating this for most likely would not understand many of the terms I was using. This is an example of how I was starting to feel:

However, after many revisions and thoughtful explanations I believe I have created something that will help anyone in need of a Twitter explanation.

I was also asked to write a POV on Twitter Chats. And let me tell you as much as I enjoyed the project itself, this was my reaction to realizing that my point of view matters:

little girlexcited girl
So far this Broternship has been, well, Brokawesome—Just as I expected. I cannot wait to see what else they have up their sleeves for the rest of the summer!