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It’s no coincidence that a band called The Who wrote a song called “Who are you?” Or maybe it is. We don’t know. But we do know this: your brand identity system—logo design, style guide, brand architecture, etc.—must be ruthlessly carved out of purpose. There should be a reason behind every aspect of your identity. The color. The font. The mark. Otherwise, your audience will be as confused about your brand as we are about classic rock.

—Brokaw, Inc.

What can I say, they understand! One of my favorite things about Brokaw is that the creatives here really have a handle on how to establish a brand. Whether it’s a witty restaurant or a beautiful, historic cemetery, this insanely talented team cuts right through all the blah blah that may cloud a brand’s identity and they transform it into a well-crafted and clear personality that is bound to connect with their target market. They just get it.

As a designer, I have always loved the expert-level sudoku puzzle that is brand identity work. The research it takes to find out hidden bits of information and history, the sketching and transformation of marks, the hunt for the perfect typeface that not only tells a story but also truly speaks to a brand’s personality. It’s one of the reasons I became a designer: I love the challenge.

I’m now in the eighth week of my Broternship and I’ve gotten the amazing opportunity to be a part of the team that takes a client through the identity design process. We’ve researched other business competitors in the area, brainstormed potential names, established what the brand will feel like and provide their customers, and we’re now in the stage of establishing the “look” of the company. It’s so exciting to have my own sketches considered for an actual place that’s actually opening in Cleveland soon!

As I’m designing, I love to look for design inspiration from sites like Pinterest and Behance. Here are a few of my favorite branding suites that I’ve gathered to my collection:

Follow the Rabbit

RabbitsHole_01 RabbitsHole_02 RabbitsHole_03 RabbitsHole_04


Verde_01 Verde_02 Verde_03 Verde_04


HoneyWood_01 HoneyWood_02 HoneyWood_03 HoneyWood_04

My final words on branding:

Great branding isn’t just slapping your logo on a few pieces and calling it a day. Making a system work together well enough to tell the story of a brand is hard work, but if you get it right it’s magical.

Stay beautiful,


Farewell my loyal viewers….you all (2 viewers) have treated me well!

Last week at Brokaw 😦

It is very disheartening to believe that 10 weeks can go this fast. Our (the best interns in the world) first day at Brokaw, a syllabus was put on our desks and the lists of responsibilities seemed to be vast. On top of that our mentors were piling work on us daily! New tasks and responsibilities was the driving force for our work. Now that everything is over we wish we had a little bit more to do and a little bit more time.

This week has been kind of slow but it started to speed up once we realized it was really ending! We have arrived at the end of the Fazoli’s food truck tour and it was a great success! We have participated in feeding people around the nation and providing support to Feed The Children. You can never beat a great idea that’s coupled with a great cause.

I am really happy that I did not publish this before the end of the day because THIS LAST DAY TURNED OUT TO BE THE BEST!

Why do you ask….even if you did not ask, I will tell you anyway!

The Brokaw Bros. offered me a job and they want me to think about it over the weekend…(don’t tell anyone but I am going to say yes)….I thought this moment over a few times in my head already…lol.

There is some type of cubical or desk with my name on it and I am stoked to be a part of a great and creative team. You haven’t heard the last of me yet!

Keep it sexy and saucy…lol!

Not every baby turtle makes it to the sea, no matter how adorable they are.  Some will even end up in the sewers, mutate, reach their teen years and fight crime for the good of mankind.

Donatello, age 3 days.

Similarly, not every line I write will make it into an advertisement, no matter how amazing it may be.  Rejects will be left to a stack of unkempt papers, mutate, and land on this blog for the enjoyment of my three followers.

In the spirit of Friday the 13th, I’d like to resurrect a few of my dead ideas.  Here are some of the gems that didn’t quite make it:

For a regional hospital’s lunch-and-learn event about the human liver
America: Love her or liver alone.
Will you learn a lot?  Liver’n and surely!

For a golf function to benefit a local police department
The cops are around: try not to shank anything.

For a national chain of quick-service Italian restaurants
End smorgasboredom
[Client Name]: The cure for male-pattern blandness.
After eating this your taste buds will become lifelong taste friends.
Join the Italian Fastest party!

My CD says “hi” to me by making this strange gesture.

And so I trudge further, in search of copywriting gold.  With the bad ideas out of the way, I finally have room for more bad ideas.

But to be honest all these ideas are leaving less room for my stash of baby turtles.  If anyone’s interested I have about 20 up for grabs, all trained to at least a red-belt level.

Mandatory Question of the Week™
Tell us an obscure, fun fact about yourself!

That, uh, doesn’t sound like a question to me, but given that you’re mandatory I think I’ll go ahead and answer (rather than suffer the dire, dire consequences).

When I was in fifth grade, I received a graded essay back from my teacher with the following inscription:

Evan would much rather give a witty one-liner than craft a thoughtful, compelling five-paragraph essay.

I knew I was destined to be a copywriter ever since.

Word up!

Life in the words department has been pretty swell so far.  For somebody who wants to write copy for a living, I’ve certainly gotten a lot of practice.  It’s only week 3 of the internship, but I’ve already written for:

Direct mail,
Online, and
Naked Mole Rats (NSFW)

Of course there are the requisite intern tasks to perform, too.  These include:

Keeping the Brokaw fridge stocked,

warding off truncheon-wielding miscreants from the vicinity of our sacred Brokawffice,

and securing a landing spot for Bill Brokaw’s Bro-kawpter.

You’ll hear more from me next week.  That’s not a threat, it’s a promise.

Yours sincerely,

“What’s your spirit animal?”

Good question, Bonus.  I’d have to say my spirit animal is the lobster.  It influences everything from the clothes I wear

to the movies I see.

Hot Tail Inside!

I’ve also spent a lot of time up in Maine, living there on occasion.  But the more I read about those cuddly crustaceans, the more impressed I get.  Did you know that, theoretically, lobsters can live forever?  Now that’s a special power.

My spirit animal runner-up is Gumby.

Post by: Kathy

With my last week at Brokaw right around the corner, I’ve been consumed lately by my long-term project. Joe and I have been working like crazy on our campaign pitch to RTA, and I’ve found it hard to turn off the “creative juices” when returning home. Luckily, I’ve found an outlet that I’m not only passionate about, but one that has proven rewarding as well (as cheesy as that sounds).

My best friend, Kaitlyn, has always loved fashion. She perfectly matches my love for public relation and advertising, so we decided to team up for my final project in Intro to Web Design. I created a blog for her that started out as the last assignment standing between me and that A. However, the idea quickly snowballed into the perfect blend of my love of photography, fashion, web design, public relation, and of course, advertising.

After creating a Facebook page, Twitter account, and putting the finishing touches on the blog (just like a good little social media girl should), I turned my attention toward getting the word out. After contacting other bloggers, local boutiques, and fashion designers, Kaitlyn is well on her way to becoming a successful fashion blogger. For just launching the site, we’ve done pretty well so far, and it’s great to be able to apply everything I’ve learned at Brokaw into real work. This fall is bringing unbelievable opportunities for us, and I can’t believe my final project has turned into something that girls are bookmarking on their laptops.

So, what’s the moral of this story? Make sure you not only find a job you love, but a hobby that allows you to channel the same amount of creative energy. Find something rewarding, no matter how small that reward may be, and make sure you’re passionate about it.