I did it!

It’s my last day at Brokaw as an intern and the time seriously flew by! I jumped the gun a tad and wrote a “wrapping-up” post last week about how amazing my time here was (check it out), so this week I’m just going to recap one of my favorite experiences of the week.

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to head to BurkleHagen’s downtown studio for a food shoot! Their space is seriously so amazing—It’s the perfect dream apartment space with a great view of the city, and it’s decorated flawlessly:

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Brokaw teamed up with BurkleHagen to do some food photography for a BBQ joint. I was a little amazed that It took all day (8:30-6:30) to get 5 shots in! It’s crazy how much fuss is made over the perfect angle of a piece of chicken, the right amount of glisten on a bbq sauce-drenched piece of brisket or a drip of cheese down the side of a ramekin of macaroni.

But that’s the kind of stuff that makes creatives so great. We have that eye for the perfect shot. We can spot the little details that a normal restaurant-goer can’t.

I loved being a part of the shoot because this environment wasn’t one that I have ever stepped foot in. I always dabbled in photography and wished that I had spent more time behind the camera while I was in school, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out that much because of opportunities like this that designers get to help out on. Gabes and Mike (an awesome designer and an amazing designer/digital guru combo) were the lead creatives on this shoot and it was so great to watch them intently staring at every detail. I learned a lot from them as well as from Andrew Burkle on the shoot.

My favorite part of the day was getting to leave my mark (in bbq sauce) in a social image:


Thanks a ton for having me, BurkleHagen!

To Brokaw,

Thank you, again, for giving me the incredible 10-week opportunity to immerse myself in everything you do. I’ve enjoyed every day of my time here, and I am so grateful that you took a chance on me. To everyone that mentored me (Steve, Mike, Holly) and especially to Tim and Gregg, thank you.

I’ll be back, Brokaw.