Clearly past the half way mark—when did that happen? Summer is flying by at full speed. Thanks to this Brokaw internship, this summer has been full of all sorts of experiences that are making me happy I studied graphic design. The work I am doing and the people I work with are making it hard for me not to brag about my job! They are keeping me busy with real-world projects, so I look like this everyday:

Also, I cannot get over how creative the minds are here. I am definitely learning how to both sell a product well and do it with smart, witty humor. It’s making me think about words, phrases, and imagery in new and unusual ways.

Take for example: “Diamonds in the rough.” How else could that be portrayed visually? …oh, I know!

Haha…ha…………………ha… still working on my humor.

Speaking of humor, feel free to poke fun of me with this week’s QUESTION OF THE WEEK:

1. I have a slight lisp, hence the title of this week’s post. (You can barely tell if I put forth the effort.)
2. Being an athlete only sucks when it comes to injuries: I’ve broken my back twice (stress fracture.)
3. I use a night mask. Not only to block out the sun in the morning, but because of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Well, I have to get back to client work!  See you next week, and until then, THIS BETTER NOT BE TRUE: