Who am I?


HI hi! I am account Brotern Lindsay.  I am a 2013 Miami University Mass Communication graduate (ahh!) recently released into the real world.  I have had a crazy first two weeks working and I’m so excited to see what the summer brings.

Outside of school/work related things I am obsessed with my horse and spend lots of my time spoiling him rotten.

The tale of my first week as a Brotern summarized in pictures:

captain rta

blown up car

What’s that? You say you don’t believe that I met a superhero and witnessed burning cars and shootouts?

girl boy kristen stewart

And you don’t believe that this was half of St. Louis and Kansas City’s reaction to free breadsticks?

This is the true account of my first two weeks as a Brokaw account intern.  I first romped the streets with Captain RTA who came to rescue Cleveland from the perils of the Captain America filming.  Then I called every cool place (and lots of less cool places) in St. Louis and Kansas City to try to give away free breadsticks, which was more like pulling teeth than giving away free food.  I then stalked grocery stores for cool new Broclients.  As a bonus I spent two hours at an extended lunch with the Brokaw brothers and my fellow interns.  This all occurred while watching shootouts through the front office windows (slightly less cool than it sounds, actors and film crews seem to spend most of their time standing around).

The end, until next week.