It’s hard to figure out the perfect balance between personal and professional on Social Media.  I—along with many other people—struggle with it.  You always hear those horror stories about people losing their jobs over something they posted on social media, obviously we don’t want that.  But we also don’t want to be the boring friend who posts business articles all day.  I mean come on! We go on social media for enjoyment, not for a total snooze fest!  So what is the perfect mixture between inappropriate funny friend and stuffy oldie on social media?  Here are some of my tips for keeping a balance on social media platforms:

  1. Keep it personal, BUT not too personal:

Social media is your personal platform; people follow you to see who you really are!  So show off your hobbies, interests, family and friends. With that being said, people also do not need to know extremely personal information.  We don’t want to hear about your break-up, what you eat every morning for breakfast, or how you feel about your boss (major no-no).

  1. Avoid Negative Comments:social media

Social media has no room for a negative Nancy.  It’s not a smart move to be extremely negative; being negative does not give a good impression to friends, family, or possible employers.

  1. Practice what you preach:

Create personal content that makes sense for your profession.  For example, if you are a social media professional it is important to be active on social media.  Participate in Twitter chats, use hashtags, and share relevant articles. (thanks for this tip Kelly).

  1. Remember it’s easier than you think:

You are already living a mix of a seasoned professional and an actual human with hobbies and interests in “real life.” So, simply mimic that behavior on your social platforms, making sure you’re real-life balance in translating onto your networks. (thanks for this tip Angela).

Always remember what you post on social media reflects who you are as a professional.  Be cautious about what you post, but still show your personality!

Have any different tips for balancing professional and personal on social media?  Comment and let me know!

-Professional Brokaw PR/Social Intern and Ohio U student Erin